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Healing House

Therapy Spa and Massage

Spa Package

1. Healing House Deluxe package: 120min / 45$

A 2-hour treatment based on your choice of two hands massage from the recommendation of our Professional Therapist. This will include a 60-min body massage followed by your selected body wrap, body scrub or facial.

2. Skin Moisture Package:180min / 75$

This package is hand-picked by our Professional Therapist to create a perfect combination that will revitalize your skin after a long day temple tour. This Package is ideal for a tired traveler, stressed executive or someone who just wishes to relieve body tensions.

- Aroma Oil Massage: 75Min

- Dry Brushing: 15Min

- Avocado Scrub or Wrap: 30Min

- Aloe Vera Body Lotion: 15Min

- Avocado Facial: 60Min

3. Vitamin Rich Package:180min / 75$

This package is tailored to your body needs of younger, fresher looking skin. This package is composed of all the right treatments designed to provide immediate, visible results and extreme relaxation.

- Aroma oil massage: 75Min

- Dry brushing: 15Min

- Mango scrub or Wrap: 30Min

- Aloe Vera body lotion: 15Min

- Mango Facial: 60Min

4. Skin Refine Package:180min / 75$

A perfect package set for muscle relaxation and for improvement of the blood circulation. It is complete with a body scrub or body wrap leaving a rejuvenated feeling.

- Aroma oil massage: 75Min

- Dry brushing: 15Min

- Pumpkin scrub or Wrap: 30Min

- Aloe Vera body lotion: 15Min

- Pumpkin Facial: 60Min


Healing House Opens Daily 7/weeks from 09:00AM – 24:00 mid night


Upon arrival in Healing house, our experienced coordinator will perform a brief consultation to ensure that you will receive the right treatments suited to you and to your needs. Please advise us if you are pregnant or if you have any health conditions.


Please arrive at the Spa reception at least 15minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure you will receive the maximum treatment and to have ample time to use enjoy foot ritual prior your treatment. If you arrive late, your treatment time will be reduced accordingly. For men, it is recommended to shave before having a facial.


Your privacy will be respected at all times. You shall be left in total privacy whilst changing. Our therapists are highly trained in correct draping procedure. For your comfort during each treatment, our therapist will ask you to leave your undergarments on or provide disposable undergarments on certain treatments.


We recommend that you do not wear jewelries at the Spa. Please leave your valuables in your room safe or in the safety boxes provided.


Please ensure a minimum of 2 hours’ notice to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Full charges will incur in case of a no show.


We accept cash, major credit cards ALIPAY Pi Pay.

All prices are quoted in USD.

RESERVATIONS: For booking please call us:

Tel: + (855)98 807 800

Tel: + (855)11 955 567

Tripadvisor: www.tripadvisor.com/reviewit

Facebook: facebook.com/healinghouse

Email Yahoo: santouch011@yahoo.com

Email: info@healinghouse.asia

Website: www.healinghouse.asia


Skin Refine Package 180min

75 US$


Vitamin Rich Package 180min

75 US$


Skin Moisture Package 180min

75 US$


Healing House Deluxe package 120min

45 US$